Book: “Image education 2.0”

13 October 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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“Image education 2.0” (under the direction of Benoît Labourdette), practical book of image education in the digital age, published by ACAP. Free download.

Download the entire book (french).

In line with the work of Jacques Rancière (“The ignorant master”, 1987) or Michel Serres (“Little Thumbelina”, 2012), among others, this book is a practical guide, open, offering one hand the construction of a thought on issues of image education in today’s society, and on the other hand ideas for concrete educational activities, contemporary and relevant.

This book, under direction by Benoît Labourdette, was written by four hands : Benoît Labourdette, Romuald Beugnon, Isabelle Arvers, Pauline Chasserieau.

“Image education 2.0”: a new paradigm for the pedagogy of image (statement of intent)

At the time of the massive use of the images by the young public, the image education is more necessary than ever in the school course. Digital technologies are revolutionizing all practices, including pedagogy, especially in its relation to the moving image : we are not just spectators but more and more players of a new media system, with the proliferation of cameras in the pockets of each particular. Some philosophical, conceptual and pedagogical foundations of methods of transmitting culture, knowledge and practices of image are to re-examine, in the light of a context that has already deeply mutated. This requires among others by renewed practices. But why and how ? Elements of reflection and concrete proposals.

Book Chapters

  • Issues, concepts, tools, educational proposals (Benoît Labourdette)
    • The digital material our lives
    • The new pedagogical paradigm
    • Digital Competence, tools and practices
    • Making new educational mediations
  • Practical Approaches
    • Pocket Films (Benoît Labourdette)
    • Mashup (by Romuald Beugnon)
    • Machinima (Isabelle Arvers)
    • VJing (by Romuald Beugnon)
    • Other digital techniques (Benoît Labourdette)
    • References

ACAP’s presentation text

Dive into the world the “Image education 2.0”

New and original editorial approach, the new notebook of ACAP - Pôle Image Picardie, “Image education 2.0”, asks the image education in the digital age. Written under the direction of Benoît Labourdette, this new installment of “The Making of the gaze” reflects on the challenges posed by the spread of the digital environment and on public image education while promoting alternative practices sharing of artistic workshops made possible thanks to the advent of digital tools. This is in through this work, to question the movement in progress, to step back and think how to lead our arts and image education action today...

This book is also downloadable (along with other works from the same collection) on the website of the ACAP. It is also present on this page of->], on the ACAP website too.

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