Theorem 29: “Mobiles: artistic and aesthetic issues”

Under the direction of Laurence Allard, Laurent Creton and Roger Odin.
15 April 2018. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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Publication by Benoît Labourdette of the article “The UAV, a creative tool” in the collective book “Theorem 29:”Mobiles: artistic and aesthetic issues".

This book aims to present a French-speaking and original approach in the abundance of texts published in the field of Mobile Studies. It is in line with the work carried out since 2013 by the research group Mobile and Creation of the Institut de recherches sur le cinéma et l’audiovisuel (IRCAV) of the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3. Based on several case studies, the book unfolds the relationships that are woven between motives, aesthetics and art. It is organized in three parts.


What aesthetic effects do mobiles produce outside the “worlds of art”? What are their effects in the field of art as tools of realization? Which instruments and devices are best suited to bring innovative mobile artistic productions to life?


What are mobiles doing to art as operators facilitating access to works as they are displayed in museums and cultural institutions? What are the resistances manifested by these spaces? How do users react? Finally, can we talk about a mobile art space?


Two main types of processes are analysed: those that are transmedia and those aimed at transforming vernacular productions into artistic productions. Diversifying angles of approach, methods of analysis and modes of intervention - personal, collective, academic or technical -, this book illustrates and specifies the approach taken by the Mobile and Creation team.

Authors (eds.) :

  • Laurence ALLARD
  • Laurent CRETON
  • Roger ODIN

With the contributions of:

  • Laurence ALLARD
  • Erik BECK
  • Mélanie BOURDAA
  • Stéphanie CARDOSO
  • Dominique CHATEAU
  • Laurent DOMINIQUE
  • Gaby DAVID
  • Kristian FEIGELSON
  • Isabelle GAGNÉ
  • Gonzague GAUTHIER
  • Barbara LABORDE
  • Roger ODIN
  • Françoise PAQUIENSÉGUY
  • Augusto SAINATI
  • Jean-Paul SIMON
  • SVEN