Ouest France Ille-et-Vilaine : Mashup, does it mean anything ?

5 February 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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The daily Ouest France Ille-et-Vilaine proposed an article on the “mashup”, about a round table I set up and animated in the Travelling Festival Rennes in February 2015.



Mashup, does it mean anything ?

Ille-et-Vilaine - February 8

Julien Lahmi, director and mashuper; Benoît Labourdette, filmmaker; Jean-Yves Lépinay, Director of pictures of Forum programs and festival mashup.

By Agnès Le Morvan.

Travelling. The festival is interested in cinema mutations associated with new technologies, and works created from editing images and sounds, copied, cut, processed, mixed ...

In short, the mashup is borrowed images and sounds made by others, to make a personal film “Making new out of the old” says Julien Lahmi, director and mashuper.

It is a form of experimental film, a descendant of the loan, "which has always existed, but has grown exponentially in the digital age, says Jean-Yves Lépinay, program director at Forum images and festival mashup. When you send an email, with images, videos, it is already remix. Today, the picture is part of our language. »

The film The American Class: the great diversion, Michel Hazanavicius (Oscar for best film and director for The Artist), screened last night, and who gets film clips from Warner, edited and dubbed by French actors, is a pioneer of the genre in France.

But if the mashup, fun and new, seduced, it also raises questions of copyright, “and often the laws are behind on artistic practices,” laments Julien Lahmi, who sometimes had to abandon the project.

Filmmaker, he first worked with comedians, performed conventionally, before working families from amateur films, he has not turned himself over which he adds the voice and music. It also conducts film critics, by transplanting film clips where the theme has already been addressed, works from paintings by Munch and Mondrian. Quotation right, copyright ... "It’s a real headache. What I miss is a lawyer specialized in intellectual property law! »

For the mashup is not a school or an artistic movement, “is more a state of mind. And there are so many different recreations as there mashupers. The idea is not to appropriate the works, but to share and experiment.”

Some draw on the images of films, but also of video games, TV series or the Internet. Nicolas Provost, visual artist, has undertaken Gravity, a film six minutes circulated at the opening night, where he resumed movie kisses adding a dizzying strobe effect.

There is also The Clock, a mechanism that shows the current time, minute by minute, twenty-four hours. To realize this video installation, Christian Marclay used thousands of excerpts, drawn from the history of cinema, to mount actions and dialogues that illustrate the passage of time, "and his work has been exhibited worldwide integer. »

This Sunday, Benoît Labourdette atypical filmmaker invites, at a workshop, a dozen people to choose a short film, a pub, a clip on the Internet. At 20 h 30, a stroll will be offered to the public in the streets of Rennes, with video projectors, in which these extracts will be screened on doors in the building being under porches ... It not mashup, but already another form of sharing.

This Sunday at 20:30 pm at Liberty.