Ouest France : Make live movies outside the walls

17 January 2015. Published by Benoît Labourdette.
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The daily Ouest France published an article on « Kaleidoscope show » at Les Sables d’Olonne (France), January 15, 2015.



Make live movies outside the wals

Small lantern association organized Friday night a movie coffee at Café Eve. Benoît Labourdette presented Kaleidoscope, a series of short films accompanied by Aragon texts, read by actress Louise Moaty who also performed a song by John Cage. “This series is a work of visual poetry, analyzes the director, from real images, multiplied become abstract.” The performance was followed by a discussion with the audience, and many faithful.

“The purpose of the film is to live cafes unusual places, to show new films, little seen, and to provoke discussion,” says Dominique Laudijois, president of Small lantern, an association of Olonne-sur-Mer, organizer of activities around the film and an autobiographical film festival. “The films in cinema films cafes are usually related to the autobiography, directors use their own experiences to tell stories.”

Thus, the next movie coffee will be on 13 March at the Arc-en-Ciel hotel. Claire Renier will present Diamond, a film in which she recalls her father.