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Creativity is in my opinion a powerful factor of personal and social construction. Thus social action through audiovisual creative projects seems to me a very rich angle of approach.

“Social action refers to all the means by which a society acts on itself to preserve its cohesion, in particular through legislative or regulatory measures and through actions aimed at helping the most fragile individuals or groups to live better, to acquire or preserve their autonomy and to adapt to the surrounding social environment”. (Wikipedia)

Poem in automatic writing about « Social action »
To accompany this project, in addition to my investment in the artistic team, I also designed, built and animated a dedicated collaborative video platform:, designed to be consulted primarily on the phone, with a QR Code link that was widely distributed. Here is the soundtrack of the video. These practices take place elsewhere and elsewheret, and can seem radical in the rupture with legitimate culture. The Fondation Afnic supports projects that combine digital technology and solidarity. Short films presenting a selection of projects supported by the Afnic Foundation for Digital Solidarity in 2021, for broadcast on social networks and project promotion. The architectural firm Exercice also contributed to the project by having the children make a very large model of the neighbourhood. Video content strategy To improve the visibility of the projects and make the work of the Afnic Foundation more readable, we (Benoît Labourdette production and the Afnic Foundation) established a strategy, which consisted in choosing 9 projects representative of the main axes of support in 2019, then making a film to present each project. How filmmaking workshop practices, if conducted in the right way, can build strong social bonds.


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