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To educate to images is to educate to the gaze : the question of the gaze is central to educate to images. Presentation of the day By initiating the Nantes workshops on cultural mediation, the City of Nantes intends to open up a privileged space to facilitate the inter-knowledge of the actors, to share practices and experiences and to nourish a shared reflection on the meaning, stakes and evolutions of mediation. It’s a real ethical question (and the reaction of parents...). In connection with this development of digital uses, the missions of traditional broadcasting venues are also evolving. Completion Once the web documentary is finished, Nicolas Haushalter passes it on to Benoît who makes some returns, notably about the ergonomics.As each part is realized by a different class, the final is not homogeneous.Each class has, for example, imagined a different background, which gives the impression of being in front of several web documentaries. To take into account the evolution of the use of moving images, in order to conceive adapted cultural proposals, motivating for the public, and in the missions of the Institut Français. Imaginary in the history of financial mathematics. Within very tight deadlines, I brought my expertise to frame the work of local teams shooting with good protocols, the organization of rushes, choices of formats.

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