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The work of mourning, like the work of birth, is a work of unconditional love. In a movie theatre, the objects of our daily lives talk about life with social networks. Sharing Energy Towards the end of the workshop, the drone, which crashes a lot, has completely broken down. And soon, there will be no more mobile without camera. Framework Th eDSDEN of Haute Savoie (National Education) organised on 12 February 2019 a departmental training and co-construction day on the issue of “How digital technology is changing artistic, cultural and pedagogical practices?”, for the benefit of cultural references in secondary schools, school heads and those responsible for artistic and cultural education in cultural structures. A movie is like a gift. Commissioned by the Communication Department of the Val-de-Marne Departmental Council to stimulate debate and awareness. Paradoxical injunctions in school space of a College, with a musical treatment.

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