Benoît Labourdette is a filmmaker, educator, expert in new media, cultural innovation and entrepreneur. He was born in 1970. He founded, among others, the Court Bouillon screenings (1988-1997), the video production centre of the University of (...)

A very simple use of the mobile phone can speed up the scriptwriting work. In many fields prototypes are made, which can also be called drafts, diagrams, wireframes, mockups... The prototype makes it possible to partially simulate the (...)

A film by Benoît Labourdette (4’19s, 2018).

“I am absolutely convinced that anyone, without any special knowledge or skills, without having to look at I don’t know what so-called native dispositions, can devote themselves to art with every chance of success.” Jean (...)

’A scenario that gives, on reading, the sensation of the soundtrack of the film, will have a rare, extremely convincing evocative power. Physiological thinking of the scenario A film is, physiologically, an object that addresses only two of our (...)

Anthropologies of cinematographic devices, by Jean-Louis Comolli, Benoît Labourdette and Vincent Sorrel. The Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire offer as part of their 27th one-day seminar, 20 August 2015: “The mutations of cinema”. Introductory (...)

Dialogue on creation in virtual reality with Benoît Labourdette (filmmaker and producer, BL Prod) and Teddy Aymard (producer, Le bureau des curiosités), with a moment of practice so that the gesture nourishes the thought. International colloquium (...)

Film by Benoît Labourdette (3’34 s, 2016).

Reading of the last paragraphs of “’Remembrance of Things Past” by Marcel Proust. Links between literature, painting and movement.

Reading-projection and participative cinematographic creation.

A poet and a filmmaker for a crossing around the figure of the window, or rather the discovery of oneself through its projection on the world. Reading, projection, collective creation Lecture-screening We embedded the readings and the film (...)

Roundtable / lectures on the issues of creation in the digital age. Rouen, 2 December 2014. I participated in the roundtable / lectures as an artist and cultural player. It is obvious, digital upset the issues of artistic creation, whether from (...)

She does it when she decides, at night, during the day, anywhere! And she does as she wants, she does not respect any rule, that is her main quality, openness.

You can do X or Y job and create on top of that, it’s 100% legitimate. Kafka was an insurance agent, etc. I realize this with the films I make for people: some of these films are great, of immense richness for me as a spectator, and yet it is not (...)

Podcast by Benoît Labourdette (1’37s, 2020).

Very simple tutorial (1 minute 30) to conduct two creative audiovisual activities with your children. During the confinement period in March-April 2020, the city of Lilas, as part of the project “The Digital Factory”, whose implementation I am (...)

I am quite productive. Richard Texier is much more productive. He produces a lot, that’s what he does. It’s a real “training”, it’s like doing sports, except that it’s doing creation.

Active conference to equip social actors with digital skills to work on self-esteem with adolescents. Exchange of experiences and practices, and proposal of a lived experience. The [Image Forum-] organized the (...)

It is my life, and it is what gives me balance. This question of how to be in balance: for me, it is in creation, in the invention and discovery of forms.

I realize this by listening to Max Richter: he does what he feels, he does it a lot, and it’s very good. It’s an abundant work, in which you can circulate, it’s great. He assumes his power of (...)

Five films to affirm the identity of a Parisian cultural institution, MPAA (House of Amateur Artistic Practices). House of Amateur Artistic Practices (MPAA) Places for musical, theatrical and artistic rehearsals in the broad sense of the term, (...)

I’ve always thought that to speak of a “material” needed to know, that is the work itself. This conference talking about mobile and creation, so it seemed obvious to me that he must contain a time workshop, creative proposal. So I, after referring (...)

It is extremely important. I photograph all the works there, I keep track of what happened there, but I don’t leave things there, I leave that space empty, fallow, free. I don’t have anything to prove, nor to show to someone who would pass by. I (...)

Why not, but it’s still very intimate, so I think it’s good if it exists in an intimate way too.


A selection, a collection of notes by Benoît Labourdette on the creation of moving images and on creation in general, gleaned over the course of his work since 1992. As many pearls to think the artistic work and the so singular work of the moving (...)

Training day and co-construction of educational tools to work on self-image, designed in collaboration between theMaison de l’image (Noémie Rubat du Mérac, project manager) and Benoît Labourdette. April 26, 2018. Summary of the day on the website (...)

A film by Benoît Labourdette (2016, 1h06’).

Film made of permanent layering of images and sounds, as in writing a chorus of self-creation through artistic expression. Choral work as part of a creative residency at the Maison Populaire de Montreuil in (...)

In early 2013, Maylis Besserie, producer at France Culture radio french channel, asked me as she prepared a program about creation with smartphones. So I asked her to come for a day of training in pedagogy with mobile phone, at the Art school (...)

Film by Benoît Labourdette (8’34s, 2016).

Documentary on the painting exhibition “The wire” by Benoît Labourdette, Paris, October 2016.

In the film “A wild honest man”, by Maria Pinto, Jean-Jacques Pauvert says at one point that Sade knew, at one point in his life, that what he was doing was very important. I know that what I do is important, well, I know that it is something, (...)

It’s night and day, without measure. Because I am in my life, and I have full right to it.

Immersive video installation at Mac Val Museum (Vitry-sur-Seine) and in the Navigators district (Choisy-le-Roi) on September 21 and 22, 2019. Participative artistic action with the children that accompanies the changes in the The Navigators (...)

The fact that I put things on my website, it invites me to create in such and such a way. But it is also because I wanted to create in such and such a way that I put films on my website. There is an exchange between the (...)

As a result, the moments when I create can seem very short, and it destabilizes me that it is so fast, I have the impression that I am doing anything. But in fact not at all, I do what the space that I have patiently built, the conditions that I (...)

Collaborative film (3’04s, 2019).

Kinetic art experiments: drawings, cameras, projectors, human bodies, cameras, musical creations, and especially play and joy.

Collective film (4’39s, 2019).

Where an observer enters the heart of the collaborative creation system.

As part of the OFF Film Festival of autobiographical film in Olonne-sur-mer, on November 20, 2016, I suggested a thought and animated a moment of exchange on the theme of the voice-over. Then I proposed making a “mental collective film” to the (...)

Participative exhibition.

Participative exhibition at the City Hall of the 11th district of Paris, to complete the project “Filming in connexion”. As part of the vast territory project “Connection” proposed by MPAA. On Saturday, September 25, 2021, as part of the (...)

Premiere of the film “Tell me LED” (France, 2016, 65 minutes), Friday, January 8, 2016 at 20:30. Cinéma Le Méliès, 12 Place Jean Jaurès - 93100 Montreuil - France. “Mairie de Montreuil” metro station. Free admission by reservation : reservation (...)

Twenty-six films made in three days. Since 2006, barely a year after the appearance of cameras in mobile phones, I teach at the School of Cinema ESAV Toulouse for students in their final year of implementation, offering a “Pocket Films (...)

If they look easy to me, it’s because I’m good at making them. So I’m going for it, not hesitating, at all!

Benoît Labourdette’s movies in a travelling projection program in Arras (France). In the context of the manifestation of contemporary art “Call for air” in Arras, I proposed a travelling screening of a selection of my films. Projections on walls, (...)

Podcast by Benoît Labourdette (17’30s, 2020).

Complete pedagogical method for making three types of films in sequence shot: collective film, animated film, memory at the window. During the confinement period in March-April 2020, EPT Est Ensemble and the Seine Saint Denis Department, in (...)

“The singularity” is a collaborative transmedia project, launched in 2016 by Benoît Labourdette. Around a thematic spine, over a long period of time (several years), film creations, theatrical forms, exhibitions, creative workshops in various (...)

List of films made at the Movie Marathon Evry 2013 (France) Hush (Louisa Gaillard) The dream of Lyndi (Boulay Leander) 3’14 Fear (MOHAMMAD Usman) 3’34 Super condom (Faleme Dimitri) - 1’22 (without generic) M.D.R (Pavlovsky Cassandra) 3’11 (...)

L., on the other hand, is in much more trouble, using the legitimacy of her manager to squeeze people like lemons, using everyone’s ego.

Public presentation of the film’s creative process “Tell me LED” (Benoît Labourdette, 2015, 65 minutes), Wednesday, October 14, 2015 at 16h. The Méliès Cinema (12 Place Jean Jaurès - 93100 Montreuil - France). Free entry. The Documentary Film meetings (...)

For example, the album “Sheller en solitaire”, where he is alone at the piano singing, is much better than the same songs recorded in studio, with all the orchestrations, which must have required infinitely more production (...)

Newspaper article.

At the beginning of April 2020, Télérama offers a summary of initiatives for calls for audiovisual creation during the period of general containment due to the Covid-19 virus. The project “Par ma fenêtre” initiated by Benoît Labourdette is one of (...)

Interview with Benoît Labourdette by Axel Meunier on the film’s creative process "Tell me LED’. Axel Meunier interviewed me about the inspiration for my film being created “Tell me LED”. This 40-minute interview, titled “Conversation#39 - (...)

A film by Benoît Labourdette (3’05s, 2019).

The functions and necessities of art, which is not a luxury, but life and our very nature. Quotes from Paul Klee.

If I am in contact with my inner movements, listening to what is going on deep inside me, that is what I hold on to. I realize this with I., who did not understand well the poems that I wrote and that I sometimes sent her, and who now receives (...)

This is my path, I have never stopped creating, even if I have been invested as an artist in the social space more rarely than others. That is not what is important. What is important is that I create, that I “accomplish my mission”, that what I (...)

A film by Benoît Labourdette (2’20s, 2015).

A frustrated desire since childhood, who finally seems to open.

It is not a question of rejecting it, because it is a strong point, but of really working on it, as a subject.

Create, do it concretely, without waiting for I don’t know what. Life is too fragile, too precious.

I need to make emptiness in my life, to have real empty moments, in hollow, so that creation can be born. It comes from emptiness, always.

Love is a lure. The meeting is real. The sharing of the present is real. But love does not exist.

It’s true, it’s my way, it’s my vision, it’s my uniqueness, and it’s what I can.

We do what is easy for us to do.

This act, it is essential to my life, and it is my job. So, living it, in the everyday, in the work of production, and in the work of making it public. I am not too young for this as I have long believed. I can be sure of myself, of my gesture, (...)

A film by Benoît Labourdette (9’54s, 2014).

A mystery of the act of painting, unveiled with Richard Texier.

On the contrary. Cf. Picasso. Cf. calligraphy. So don’t be ashamed at all to have made an album in half an hour on the train.

As a result, I don’t feel legitimate, for example in relation to L., who has “official” commissions from theaters. In fact, what I put into practice is a total freedom of creation, I am the one who seeks the meaning of my creation. And it is fully (...)

What makes the difference between being talented and doing creative work is the fact of going to the end of things, producing, sharing.

Video interview between Franck Ancel and Benoît Labourdette on the stakes of images and digital, as part of the prefiguration of the Digital Washhouse.

Video platform

On 1 April 2020, during the period of confinement in France, I opened the video contribution platform Following the numerous feedbacks I received, creating these films, as much as watching them, did a lot of good to those (...)

Hergé drew badly, but he worked, he did things, and so there you have it, he has his style, because he had trouble. Stromae doesn’t know how to make music well, so he did his best, with his background. That’s it, don’t be a prisoner of codes. There (...)

Red Pixel image pole of the Poitou Charentes region, proposed as part of “Lycéens in cinemas”, that one of the features of the program be replaced by a program of short films shot with mobile phone from the festival Takavoir, and students benefit (...)

It’s true, my life is that, it’s creation, and I will never deviate from that again. Always creating, producing, sharing, at all times. It encourages me to know myself better, to know that my life is this, creation, every day, like a (...)

Newspaper article.

The municipal newspaper “Lilas News” announces the digital audiovisual creation workshops, as part of the project “The Digital Factory”, proposed by Benoît Labourdette..

Interview with Benoît Labourdette about self-portrait, in “Lightnings”, the Digital Magazine of Écla (avril 2016). Link to the article on the website of the lightnings Journal : “Get naked” (interview with (...)

Around this axis, many things happen, there is work to earn a living, there are love relationships, there are friendships. But my axis is creation. It is what is stable, what I always continue to (...)

It’s part of my breathing, which gives life to all things, including administrative things. In fact, more than giving life, creation gives meaning, so if there is meaning, that is to say code, the code generates (...)

A film by Benoît Labourdette (0’30s, 2019).

Lil’art is the annual event for the development and the meeting of the artists of the city of Lilas. Film announcement of the 2019 edition. In 2019, I led the making of a collective video creation by a group of artists, which was presented in (...)

Collective book to which I contributed, with the article “From economy to the conversation and audiovisual creation”. Publication Date : 19 February 2014 published by Armand Colin Link to the official website of the conference that gave birth to (...)

My work as an exploration of creative possibilities of mobile crossed the passion of three researchers (and long-time colleagues) : Laurent Creton (economist), Laurence Allard (sociologist) and Roger Odin (semiotics), who asked me to jointly (...)

Musical creations, often improvised, usually made with an analog synthesizer, in public or private. For improvisations, the general principle is to play a single instrument, to create the whole sound live. No pre-existing rhythm on which to (...)

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