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Poem in automatic writing about « Creativity »
The students will visit the poetry biennial the following week. She didn’t do it much, but she never stopped imagining, dreaming, desiring. The fact of creating new things, all the time, as I do, has a very great value. Link to the article on Le Télégramme : Thus, in one hour and in a very playful and autonomous way, the children have gone, through practice, concretely through all the stages of the making of a Virtual Reality film. The classes will benefit from one day workshops to make films with a supervisor. In psychoanalysis, to be is to be subject of one’s desire (in the broad sense of the term, desire to live, to learn, etc.). Workshop of film making with drone for a group of teenagers in Clermont de l’Oise. When I feel within myself that the “creative push” is there, I have to take it as a blessing and listen to it, fully. I feel I am still limiting myself too much.

Black light
Black light

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