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Parade (1974). Zoom on the original image (SD 720x576 pixels), which I started:Zooming the image resulting after upscaling 2K (2048x1080 pixels):We see that, very surprisingly, the details of the image reappears, are “revealed” by mathematical algorithms. Digital sound. Formatting your hard drive or USB key is very important. Each course brings together teachers from several countries in one of the partner schools. The second half of the course was devoted to a comprehensive overview of the technical basics of digital video and its operations.Strategy I drew the outlines of the economic and strategic fields of the audiovisual sector today, which I believe starts by the profound changes in 2005, which consists of the start of the community video sites, among other reasons. The elements are multiple (versions, work steps, original “master” copies, distribution of copies, DCP...), on multiple media (hard disks and magnetic tapes).

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