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Poem in automatic writing about « Economy »
The aesthetic, social and legal foundations of the work of art are thus profoundly disrupted by the computer code of a platform.”“The techniques of mechanical reproduction have allowed art to emancipate itself from central power and to access cultural democracy. It is certainly not at the service of the remuneration of authors, nor of the renewal of creation, nor of the diffusion of works on the Internet... For more information, visit the Moulin d’Andé website: [-]. It is not possessions to make me feel good, it is creation to make me feel good. The bankruptcy of a movie theater, and the words that accompany indifference. Work on natural referencing with the utmost attention: For a content to exist in the long term, it must be accompanied by texts that describe it, in the most detailed way possible, so that it can be referenced and linked, in the long term, by the search and recommendation algorithms. Pour plus de détails, contacter le service pédagogique.


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