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Film workshop with drone during one week for a group of teenagers, to make music clips, and more... How filmmaking workshop practices, if conducted in the right way, can build strong social bonds. Sheila Vidal-Louinet, academic trainer in Paris, Founder and Project Manager Who Wants The Program? Instantaneous dissemination done enter the picture in a cycle of social relationship. During the confinement period in March-April 2020, EPT Est Ensemble and the Seine Saint Denis Department, in partnership with the city of Les Lilas, launched a call for films, “Courts intérieurs”, to which I contributed with these very complete tutorials. Conference by Benoît Labourdette about cultural mediation with digital tools, on the example of the travelling projections within the framework of the Port Zone Film Festival. Amateur practices and image education. The aim is to collectively equip themselves to carry out popular education initiatives in the 21st Century in the best possible way. Nathalie Quentin: Public Education and Youth Counsellor Social and educational accompaniment cluster, Departmental Directorate of Social Cohesion of the Yvelines. So this film will be seen by people we do not know.

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