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The goal gave the participants were explicitly to create short films with drone, which would be publicly presented on the evening of the last day of the workshop. The very process of writing can be changed. 13’30s : Making an animated film. But to do that, I think is missing out on its mission for a cultural institution, which is the transmission and therefore the broadening of a cultural influence, not the shrinking of an existing one that reassures. Interview of Benoît Labourdette on the back of the Breton newspaper Le Télégramme, about the platform By my window, by Guenaëlle Daujon.. Media libraries, museums, youth centres, entertainment centres... Ten years of existence and a new dynamic September 28, 2018 was the tenth anniversary of the creation of MPAA by the City of Paris. The framework must authorize through openings to the possible, not prohibit through constraints. People emerged from the collective memory.

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