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“Feminism” is a word that frightens many, men, women and others, because it promises changes in power. Feminism, contrary to a common misconception aimed at discrediting it, has never been basically a struggle of women against men, it simply challenges the patriarchal system of domination, which in reality is detrimental to all. It is an egalitarian political project, based on a lucid analysis of the age-old inequalities between women and men, which seem to be normal, if not natural. That is why feminism is disturbing. We were taught from childhood that inequality between women and men was normality. To succeed in thinking the world differently is first of all an internal revolution, a profound individual path, as much in the habits of thought as in everyday relationships or political choices.

The world has only been structured around the power of patriarchal domination for about 5000 years (cf. Heide Goettner-Abendroth, major researcher in contemporary anthropology), the previous societies being almost all egalitarian on all levels. Contemporary feminism is, in my view, the central facet of ecological questioning, in the deepest sense of the term (nature, morals, society, work, art, industry, etc.), which sketches out the possibility of a future for our societies sick with domination.

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