Crowd © Benoît Labourdette.
Poem in automatic writing about « Crowd »
Political commitment begins in look and name what we see. The title “Pallisage” is a french neologism from “fence” (palissade), “passage” (passage), “smooth” (lissage)... From a loop of an ambiance sound of an amateur video, building a digital abstract object, that the soundtrack anthropomorphise. a small party in the heart of everyday life. By visual subtraction of four superimposed shots made one after the other, humans mutate in remains of their presence, ie become almost absent, revealing the edges of the immutable architectural structure. Attempt to exhaust a Roman place. The crowd walking avoiding the puddle of vomit. A train station, on the day of going on holiday, is a very ephemeral space in my opinion, to be revealed in the truth of what is humanly play, lends itself well to the visual processing of subtraction of pixels.

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