Mind mapping to build a script © Benoît Labourdette.

One of the first difficulties of writing the script is the macroscopic structure, ie the general sense of the narrative. Forget Syd FieldThere are, of course, the famous “three-act structure,” dear to Syd Field (see his famous book Screenplay), (...)

No-identity © Benoît Labourdette.

A film by Benoît Labourdette (1’, mute, 2017, pseudonym: Norbert).

Identity has other words in it.

Kangaroo © Benoît Labourdette.
Map © Benoît Labourdette.

Video creation by Benoît Labourdette (3’47s, 2014).

Humans make maps, marks, before go into action.

Legacy © Benoît Labourdette.
I always, always asked myself: I have so many ideas, I can do everything, so what should I choose? © Benoît Labourdette.

And so I was blocking myself. Today, I don’t choose anymore, I do everything. Whether it is in creation or in love. And I don’t expect anything. This is the way for me.

Divisions © Benoît Labourdette.
“Scrivener” to write a script © Benoît Labourdette.

Scrivener is probably today the best software to write a script. Synthetic discovery of this tool. Why a specific software to write a screenplay?Why would we need specific software to write a script? Don’t we just need a pen or a word (...)

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Photographs, paintings, drawings, assemblies and texts by Benoît Labourdette (unless otherwise stated).

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