The fémis (National School of picture and sound, Paris - France) offers a “Summer School”, which is each year a documentary filmmaking course during two months for students from around the world. I assure the animation of the beginning of the (...)

Series of photographs of Indian paper, printed 30 years earlier. 81 squares.

The creative invention each morning on the floor in front of one’s house must also be nourished by sharing ideas. I had bought paper magazines of kolam patterns in Pondicherry (South India) in 1989. I unearthed them in 2016 and photographed the (...)

Collective film (4’42s, 2016).

Exist? In time, in space, in poetry... in the image?

The documentality explosion By Maurizio Ferraris Contrary to the predictions of the past century, we have not witnessed the disappearance of writing but, rather, to its explosion. And more generally to the explosion of the recording. The (...)

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