Innovation © Benoît Labourdette.

“Innovation” is a singularly overused word, which is often used to justify change for change’s sake, the new without thinking. Innovation is often linked to ephemeral and superficial fashions.

But innovation (i.e. “introducing something new into something established”, its first use from the 14th Century onwards being in the legal field) is in my opinion a fundamental and vital dynamic: it is a listening to the evolution of the world, to adapt our projects to it, whether in personal, professional, social, material, spiritual or artistic constructions; it is a necessity to be alive, i.e. in movement.

Innovation is not to be confused with disruption, which is the most radical form. Innovation is an energy of renewal, of invention, of creation. Innovation is the energy of change necessary for life. Its value is only very rarely recognized at first glance, because no one has the criteria for judging it yet. Innovation is indispensable, but requires open-mindedness in order to be welcomed.

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