Jacques Lacan

Jacques Lacan © Benoît Labourdette.

Jacques Lacan (1901-1981) is the founder of a psychoanalysis rooted in language. His influence was considerable. His approach to psychology is atypical, built with notions of mathematics, logic, linguistics, theology...

In his 1955 lecture Psychoanalysis and Cybernetics, or the Nature of Language, he addressed the question of the intelligence of machines in the real world:

“[...] something has happened in the real world, and we’re wondering - maybe not very long, but significant minds do - if we have a machine that thinks.”

The explanations of psychological processes that Lacan proposes, by means of logical, almost algorithmic codifications, seem to be very good tools for thinking today’s world, and in particular the questions of man-machine relations (the “singularity”).

Poem in automatic writing about « Jacques Lacan »
This film is part of the transmedia project “The singularity” (www.la-singularite.com). It is always rather surprising to note that often, in this way of floating listening particular to the being there, unfold productions much more prolific than in the voluntarist devices. They make us live. I worked on this metaphor within a video installation in the framework of the Loop exhibition in 2022, by placing a magic slate in the middle of digital image projections, to propose to the visitors to make photographs to share them between them on a dedicated platform.

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