MAC VAL © Benoît Labourdette.
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Living in the inner world of a 10-year-old child, through a truculent walk with him in the neighborhood. The Marseillaise reappropriated, reinvented, by children from “neighbourhoods” in the 21st Century. The camera circulates, goes from hand to hand, between boys of all ages, inviting us to share emotions, interactions, issues... Where an observer enters the heart of the collaborative creation system. Seeing and seeing each other differently. Kinetic art experiments: drawings, cameras, projectors, human bodies, cameras, musical creations, and especially play and joy. Where we witness the children’s point of view on their own images, projected, re-filmed. Musical performance in virtual reality in the heart of the city. Discover an inner world through a visit to an apartment with a 360° camera.

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Photographs, paintings, drawings, assemblies and texts by Benoît Labourdette (unless otherwise stated).

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