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Thus MOOC EPSAA the City of Paris is for a public initial research training as a wide network of professionals and of course open to all. For music, it’s the same. When it comes to music, I feel like I suck, that I don’t know the rules, that I should know how to play, that I should know all the technique, etc. I made this series of photos into a movie. And then I let it rest. Back to good basis with me ! Project A young woman seen from the sky by Agnès de Cayeux. And yet, many films, and even “mainstream products”, successfully use voiceover. At times, there was a mixture between projection and live performance, with the actors of the film (Joseph Morder himself and Françoise Michaud, main actress) also intervening in reality. The editing of the films, where tastes are confronted: watching together, dialoguing, choosing, arranging... The editing was done in collaboration with Catherine Kollen.

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