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Presentation of the day By initiating the Nantes workshops on cultural mediation, the City of Nantes intends to open up a privileged space to facilitate the inter-knowledge of the actors, to share practices and experiences and to nourish a shared reflection on the meaning, stakes and evolutions of mediation. Like a little story of writing and looking, from paper to screens. Unconscious actors - 2009. Digital things whisper their existence in our ears. An event designed for players in the fields of culture, youth and education. It is a question of rethinking the very foundations of cultural projects, in a new paradigm of the functions of each, and with a renewed requirement. Projects for the future For the next biennial, we’d like to go even further in terms of citizen participation and appropriation of these traces. Video interview with Benoît Labourdette: state of play of image practices and young people’s needs in terms of image education. Super pedagogue. Video interview of Benoît Labourdette: why and how to conduct cultural mediations for the younger generations in the digital age.

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