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Olivier Houdé is a French psychologist and researcher specializing in cognitive development. He has studied in detail the mechanisms of cognitive resistance and its role in learning and problem-solving.

Cognitive resistance, according to Olivier Houdé, is a concept that refers to the brain’s ability to inhibit automatic responses and resist pre-established thought patterns. It plays an essential role in learning, problem-solving and creativity. It involves the ability to control and regulate our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It enables us to question our preconceptions, resist cognitive biases and make more thoughtful decisions. In other words, cognitive resistance helps us avoid automatic responses and adopt a more reflective, analytical approach. It enables us to explore new ideas, question established norms and find innovative solutions to problems. By understanding and developing our ability to resist automatic responses, we can improve our critical thinking and decision-making.

Cognitive resistance has important implications for education. Olivier Houdé argues that teaching should encourage students to develop their cognitive resistance by encouraging them to question received information, critically analyze problems and find original solutions. Fostering cognitive resistance in students prepares them to become independent, creative thinkers.

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Benoît Labourdette, 31 August 2023.
Poem in automatic writing about « Olivier Houdé »
It is in a process of mutual elaboration that a truly constructive education takes place. In order to be able to rethink projects adapted to the real needs of contemporary youth, which is the mission of cultural policies, it is necessary, in my opinion, first of all to deconstruct our preconceived ideas, the judgments that we can have without knowing. Antifragile, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, 2018 (page 512). Article published in L’observatoire n°60 (april 2023) and in média de l’observatoire des politiques culturelles (july 2023). Know that the value of what will happen will depend as much on your good knowledge of the subject as on your openness to the unexpected, on this exceptional group creativity that you will thus be able to mobilize.

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