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Poem in automatic writing about « Paris »
By entering the 21st Century, we are creating an unknown that leads to an unpredictable world, which is double the speed. Film viewing : I hold the watch so that we have time to watch the film, in large binocular vision (a very good way to collectively share films in Virtual Reality), as well as in the 360° headset. What if the books spoke? DVD There is also the DVD which, besides the film offers a unique interactive experience between text and images. When in the night, alive with reminiscences of the female silent cinema, lights are born in the pictorial darkness, and letters and moving words emerge, composed as sensitive and musical bodies, it is an alchemy that immerses the visitors-photographers in the art space l’Aiguillage. A chance for introspection, class privilege. The films that have seen our childhood, as said ordinary cinema man, carry with them the wound as past but also its opening as becoming. If someone found it, he can bring it to me.” Small musical and visual variation humorous. “MPAA, place for creation”: MPAA allows and authorizes artistic encounters, creative dynamics, the existence of projects that would not have been possible without it. How a love disappointment leads to even more love.

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