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This delicate sharing of each person’s inner world thus weaves precious links, in depth. No rules! Because I have things, very important things, to say, to put into shape, that nobody else but me can put into shape. I don’t make films to please anyone, I make the films I have to make, I make the films I have to give to the world. For more sexual fulfillment, a first exercise in deconstructing codes, in the sequel to Martin Page and his book “Beyond penetration”. Younger generations are always more engaged than we think. Librarians select works that have fallen into the public domain, works under Creative Commons licenses, works with authorization from the authors, to make them available to the public. The experience is original and has, it seems to me, made sense and much interest on the part of the participants. The pleasure of discovering a universe. Cf. I have to make a singular cinema, with my means.

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