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Romain Baujard © Benoît Labourdette.

Romain Baujard is a filmmaker, photographer, musician and cartoonist. The look, the meeting, love, family, identity... are the symbols that we find in his abundant work. We collaborate in multidisciplinary artistic projects and image education projects.

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The Marseillaise reappropriated, reinvented, by children from “neighbourhoods” in the 21st Century. RER C stop Choisy-le-Roi then 15 min by foot - or bus 185 to the terminus. This workshop took place during the day on 2,3,16,17 April, 15 July, 28,29 and 30 October 2017. Living in the inner world of a 10-year-old child, through a truculent walk with him in the neighborhood. The editing of the films, where tastes are confronted: watching together, dialoguing, choosing, arranging... Musical performance in virtual reality in the heart of the city. Indeed, architects know how to draw and have ideas! Selection of films Kinetic art experiments: drawings, cameras, projectors, human bodies, cameras, musical creations, and especially play and joy.

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