And I send links to certain movies to certain people, if I think it makes sense. I don’t know exactly why. In any case, what I have to overcome is the need for recognition. Here, S. is watching the film. Okay, I made this film, it’s not for her (...)

And, from what A. tells me, I believe that, in the films that I make, that I “leave”, there is this requirement of a truth.

It is my greatest amibition. Cf. Varda or Rohmer. It is not to want to make “commercial” cinema, which fits into a flow, it is not to be a businessman, it is to be an artist, to propose and dig a universe, in which I lead people to discover. This (...)

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A fragile and nostalgic portable grand piano, played in everyday life, subways, trains, cabs, streetcars, offices and lounges, day and night. Download Benoît Labourdette’s album “Vibrant Box (2021)” for free Played on Arturia American Grey Road (...)

To shoot from our homes, not to shoot our homes. Film what we see from your window and tell an important memory about this image, to share it with others we don’t know. Dare to let ourselves be surprised by the movement of our own thought, and (...)

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