Thomas Grand

As part of the Festival of documentary films “The real in sight”, Image’ is, business education to the images in Lorraine, proposed on 18 November 2016 one day of training for professionals of the education to the image, that I’ve driven, titled (...)

Réinvestir son lien à l’Histoire par la réalisation de films d’animation. Ateliers pour enfants au Musée de la Grande Guerre de Meaux, dans le cadre de “C’est mon patrimoine 2021”. Le projet Le Musée de la Grande Guerre de Meaux, qui existe depuis 2011 (...)

My films are streamed here (often with English subtitles). Between experimentation and narration, I often work in series. In all fields of artistic expression, the series is an important figure, because it makes it possible to express a (...)

Since 2011, I have been offering workshops for the production of animated films from paper cut, in various contexts, notably in media libraries, at the Maison des metallos, at the Forum des images, at the Museum of Man->Art636], at the Grand (...)

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