Collective film (3’38s, 2019).

Crossed nostalgias in a cinema theater full of history.

A film by Benoît Labourdette (3’35s, 2021).

Meditate, yes... but how to do it?

A film by Benoît Labourdette (3’26s, 2012). Musical improvisation by Olivier Mellano.

We all sat on chairs in classrooms. We make these chairs ? What do they give us ? How they welcome us ? Can we look at them differently than in a utilitarist point of view ? Besides, are they not utilitarian ? They pass, through their design, (...)

I need to make emptiness in my life, to have real empty moments, in hollow, so that creation can be born. It comes from emptiness, always.

I think I will go more and more towards a work on madness, it is a place where I can act. And I realize, with the film « Around », that proposing madness, that is to say “holes” in the meaning, allows to give to the spectator a much more important (...)

Collective film (3’29s, 2019).

Objects share their vision of ecology and the future.

A collective movie (4’19s, 2021).

They wake up, and are determined to get on with their lives!

Loop video by Benoît Labourdette (1’10s, 2013).

Railway buildings designed to accommodate the movement of trains, can be taken as a metaphor of the film projector. With the subtraction of pixels in four layers, the platform of the small station Breton takes a universal (...)

Everything is organized around the void, or rather in the void. Writing is an adventure, a mysterious journey.

For example, this weekend I decided to stay home, not to go to P.’s birthday party, to empty my mind. People usually try to fill their lives to give them meaning. Well, I, on the contrary, try to empty it to give it meaning. That’s how things are (...)

As a result, the moments when I create can seem very short, and it destabilizes me that it is so fast, I have the impression that I am doing anything. But in fact not at all, I do what the space that I have patiently built, the conditions that I (...)

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