In the film “A wild honest man”, by Maria Pinto, Jean-Jacques Pauvert says at one point that Sade knew, at one point in his life, that what he was doing was very important. I know that what I do is important, well, I know that it is something, (...)

Workshop of film making with drone for a group of teenagers in Clermont de l’Oise. ACAP (Pôle Image Picardie), within the framework of the Passeurs d’Images system and in collaboration with the Center socio-culture de Clermont de l’Oise, offered (...)

It’s night and day, without measure. Because I am in my life, and I have full right to it.

It is, on the other hand, a very concrete, very real and generous work (as M. confirmed to me, really) that only I do. It is exceptional (as everyone is exceptional, but I am not less than the others). L. recognized, immediately, the value of (...)

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