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Poem in automatic writing about « Autonomy »
Because I am in my life, and I have full right to it. I realize in my work that since 2013, namely since the separation from C., I am infinitely more creative than before. A tool (camera, paintbrush, camera, theater stage, musical instrument...) that one gives to the other, with which he is autonomous, that he will appropriate in a completely different way than mine. ACAP (Pôle Image Picardie), within the framework of the Passeurs d’Images system and in collaboration with the Center socio-culture de Clermont de l’Oise, offered me to animate a filmmaking workshop with a drone for one group of teenagers, during a week of the summer school holidays of 2017. I know that what I do is important, well, I know that it is something, that I must hold on to, out of all power. Work in places that are important to you. These concepts almost seem to be common sense, but with digital tools it requires a real methodological work to be able to use them fully. To go beyond cookie-cutter judgments on contemporary digital practices, in order to build our own open-minded thinking, and to nourish the conception of cultural projects that create links.

Solo violin
What am I? I am
Big bad wolf
The prince
In the wake of you

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